Contact Information

For questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me by e-mail.
Please do not telephone me (see below).

E-mails about the status of your order are generally handled within one business day, because they are automatically forwarded to our shipping warehouse.

Other e-mails may take a day or two, or as much as a few days. I am often away from the business for several days at a time, so if you do not get an immediate reply, please be patient. 

Click the words "Order Status" to send an e-mail regarding the status of your order. Your e-mail will go to our shipping warehouse in Idaho (I will not see it) and will be answered immediately. They are open business hours Monday-Friday.

Please note that an "Order Status" e-mail should only pertain to questions about your order. If you ask other questions it will only cause delay while the people at the shipping warehouse forward your e-mail to me.

Click the word "Other" to send an e-mail regarding anything else. It will come to me. I try to answer e-mails promptly, but since I do not keep an office or regular hours, and am often traveling, you may not receive a reply immediately. Please be patient.

Telephone may seem like the fastest and easiest way to contact me, but it is actually the worst

It often takes me many days to return a call. This is not because I want to be hard to reach. It's because this is a very small business and I have a day job. I travel frequently, I have no employees to whom I can delegate, and I do not maintain a regular office. It is not unusual for me to be away from the telephone for up to five weeks at a time. If I'm in the darkroom making up rolls of film, or in a meeting, or having lunch, or driving, and the phone rings, I don't answer.

But even when I'm traveling, I can usually reply to e-mails with no more than a few days delay.

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